Tuesday, July 05, 2005

my first time...

this is my very first blog because i really dont know how to make one. good thing there are templates available and the instructions are easy to follow.. whew! but still, until know im quite confused on how to use it. it seems to me that there is more to this blog than writing this "journal." hmmm.. i wonder if i can upload my picture? that is if i can find where pictures are being uploaded. hehe!!! explore! explore! explore!

i think this blog is interesting.. i don't know.. i just feel like saying it..

i would just like to share this: Did you know that a study to analyse why people create or write their Web Blog won the Best Thesis in UP Diliman just last 2004? their medium in doing this is the internet. they contact all the people in the internet with their own web blog. It's still not clear to me how they did it because i dont think they can find contact numbers on their profiles, right? anyway, they've done it and even won.

hmm.. that's an interesting topic to consider. i might try the same topic, there's nothing to loose anyway. Im in fourth year now so we will be starting our thesis soon. and besides, we're still going to defend it so why not try it. it might get approved.

that's it for me.. byeee!!!!!! 'til next tym!

(internet access here sucks. =p)

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teltel said...

huhummm... thesis.. my suggestion is take one which interests you most, if web blogging is cool for you, then i guess it is the best topic you can do for your thesis. good luck to everything!!! i will just be around, if in case you need moi..