Friday, July 29, 2005

Newly Implemented Uniform

Based on the Manual on School Uniforms (, uniforms promote school safety, improve discipline, and enhance the learning environment. Further, the article reiterated that the school uniform policy, if it should be implemented, it must be adopted in coordination with parent’s involvement, student’s right to expression and the mandatory or voluntary policy of the school.

Just this semester, the Angeles University Foundation has implemented a new school uniform, replacing the old short (mini) green-checkered skirts and lengthening its sleeves. This implementation has earned both praises and disapprovals by some students as they talk of the lack of consultation on the students that a new design is being implemented. Let us hear what the undergraduates have to say when asked about their opinions on the new school uniforms.

The main purpose of the uniform for me is for school identification. Having a new look as AUF students it gave us a more professional look and the privatization of our school was given emphasis. On one side, it is impractical. Our country is experiencing crisis nowadays, and people are doing everything to lessen their expenses, and having this kind of uniform cost us a lot. It’s kinda expensive, just imagine spending 850 for just one set and also it is also unfair for the 4th year students who are going to stay in the school for just a year. If you'll look at it, I can say that it is also beautiful in a way but its really kinda hot considering the weather nowadays. on the other hand its also not that comfortable to wear it especially in rainy days. (Hassel!) If I were given a chance, I would suggest that the blouse is not long sleeves, and the skirt is not that long.
Diane Talens BS Psych 3

Uniform’s purpose is for identification and for formality. Until now, I haven’t realized yet the positive side of having a new uniform. What I thought of are the negative side which includes that it is very costly, its uncomfortable, impractical and too much fabric. I look like a high school student.

Kimberly Serrano BS. Psych III

A uniform is used to distinguish as a whole students in a specific school. It shows equality and fairness to everyone wearing it. It is decent because students (ladies) don’t show much skin. On the contrary, first, It is not economical, its another expense. Too much expense that is. Second, it is not that appropriate for our weather. On sunny days, its get to hot and suffocating and on rainy days we get easily soaked up. It would be better, wiser and more convenient if they just implemented the new uniforms to the incoming freshmen, knowing that the old students have already spent enough for their old uniforms especially the seniors. They only have one year left to stay in school. After that what happens to their 850 per set worth of uniform? It would be nice of the school consulted the student if they would want to change their uniforms. Or if in case changing of the uniform was a must it would be better if they have involved their students on designing it. so that it would be fair to all, and not what is happening right now students have no choice.

Roselle Ann Cervantes HRM 02

Through wearing uniform, we are being easily recognized to what school we are attending. Like the other, I agree that the sleeves gives a very inconvenient feeling. Although of course, it gives a look that students are conservative.

Rachelle De Guzman BSBA

The new uniform is an attention – getter. The negative side of it are – we spent more money, it’s hot and uncomfortable, impractical, so much fabric involved, we look like high school students - in conclusion: it sucks! I prefer the other one! Not that we can change it now that we’ve been forced to wear it, but it would be better if it wasn’t long sleeves especially since the a.c.s don’t work even if they do they don’t turn them on (like in the canteen)

Kristine Fatima Lingad BS Psych III

Our uniform represents AUF, as a student wearing this uniform we are representing our school. At least, now students won’t get harassed when riding tricycles or jeepneys. The Philippines is a tropical country, it is not comfortable that it was designed long sleeves. The skirt is okay the sleeves is not, it is too hot!
Ma. Jenalyn Garcia BSBA-III

The main purpose of the uniform in one school is to be organized. The good thing one can get from it is that it proposes decency. Only, sometimes it becomes uncomfortable because it is long sleeves. It’s not too comfortable especially when the weather is hot. I wish it was in short sleeves.
Jade Bonus Management 3-B

The newly implemented uniform thus gives a message to the community that AUF students are more mature and serious in their studies. Although it poses a better look, still, the process of the implementation didn’t go well. As the cliché goes, “The end does not justify the means.”

Like the recently implemented hike in toll rates, motorists complained of the costly rates but eventually abided on it as there is nothing that can be done about it. Angeles University, with the implementation of a new uniform must have at least consulted the student body and more importantly the parents because after all, the students will still abide by it as it is a mandatory policy of the school. The least that the university could have done is proper consultation not only on the design of the uniform but also the prices and alternatives to it as most of the families of AUF students are affected by the current economic crisis.


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