Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Role of Media in Politics Today

Street smart. It means that the most important lessons in life are cannot be studied or found in books rather in the actual world or in reality. I have learned this word to Mr. Angelo “Sonny” Lopez on our senior colloquium last August 25, 2005. He also said that what is outside in the real world is much more important than what we get inside the school.

I absolutely agree with him. But that does not mean that we shouldn’t be studying hard anymore. I think we should take studying inside the school as a preparation for the outside world. We may have spent a lot of time just to learn the subjects like Algebra, Biology and the likes that we know it won’t be much of help in the future. Nevertheless, at least we are prepared when asked about it in the future. We won’t be ignorant on it because it’s familiar to us.

The media is the most sensitive obligation. Since it is the watchdog of the society, it is very difficult for the media people to cope up on what the government is doing and the ever changing of politics.

Reality in the professional world. “Whom you trust today may be a demon later,” said Sonny Lopez. There are many “manloloko”, infidelity and untrustworthy people not only in media and in politics but also to laymen.

Killer phrase. It means speaking only half of the truth. The politicians use, abuse, misuse the truth which makes it hard for the people in media to do their function. And that is to get and deliver the truth.

Silent media. According to Lopez, “Silence murders the truth.” He also added that media people who remains silent rather than deliver the truth to the society earns more than the media people who strives and even risks their life just to present the truth.

“Philippine media contributes disorder,” said Lopez. It because whenever there is camera in front of them they tend to impress than express what they are really there for.

Lopez concluded his speech by saying that we should know what we want first before we fight and present all sides of the truth.

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