Thursday, September 29, 2005

AUF Cultura Competition

One of the big event annually celebrated by the Angeles University Foundation under the project the AUF Center for Culture and the Arts is the Intercollegiate Cultural Nights Competition. This annual event is the must prepared competition of every colleges wherein every colleges wanted to win. The effort was so great that they hire the best choreographers and conductors, get the most talented students of their college, spends a lot of money for props and costumes and most especially, staying very late in school just for rehearsals.

It is a three day competition from September 14-16. On September 14, the Choir and Solo singing was held; on September 15 is the band category and on the 16th day is the highlight and the main event of the Cultural Compettion, and that is the Dance Category.

Every year, the most given attention of the Cultural competiton is the Dance Category. Unlike the Choir and Solo Singing category which does not really change its theme, the Dance Category anually changes. This year’s theme was “Icons of the 20th Century.”

Each Colleges was given an icon to interpret. The Icons are: Albert Einstein(CCS),Helen Keller(CED),The Beatles(CAS),Pope John Paul II(CBA),Proncess Dianna(CMAP),Mother Theresa of Calcuta(CE),Muhammad Ali(CON).The College of Arts and Sciences bagged the Grand prize in the Vocal Solo Category,2nd prize is the College of Computer Studies and the College of Business Administration got the 3rd prize.In the Choir Category, the College of Arts and Sciences ranked 3rd ,the College of Nursing,2nd and the College of Education bagged the Grand prize. CAS also got one minor award which is the Best in Choreography(CHOIR).

In the Band Category, the College of Business Administration ranked 2nd, the College of Arts and Sciences ranked 1st and got the Best Slow RnB, and the College of Nursing got the Grand Prize.

In the Dance Category, The College of Education ranked 3rd plave, the College of Business Adminstration ranked 2bd,. And the College of Engineering got the Grand Prize and the Best Performer also came from thos college.

AUF really is the Center for Culture and the Arts.

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