Thursday, September 08, 2005

Dance Your Way to Success: Struggles of a Dance Guru

I chose to write something about the senior colloquium on entertainment because I personally can relate to it and my passion is the same as the guest’ and that is dancing.

The guest on August, 2005 senior colloquium was the good looking Kim Min Sun, a professional dancer in Korea. His English name is Terry. He is an exchange student from Pai Chai University and he enrolled here in Angeles University Foundation to study English.

Terry is a typical teenager who has typical problems. Just like any other teenagers, every parent wants their children to pursue their education before anything else. Sometimes, it may come to the point wherein they choose the course that their children should take in college.

Same thing happened to Terry. All his parents want is for him to continue his study and nothing else. But when Terry turned 20 years old, a dream had formed and he wanted to take a different path. Not like what his parents wanted.

Terry has a knack in dancing. His passion for it was so great that he decided to stop studying though his parents forbid it. He did not let anything or anyone hinder to follow his dream.

Before Terry attain what he has now, he experienced struggles just like any other person who want their dreams come true. Terry attended every concert of his admired singers and dancers and always makes sure that he is on the front row near the stage. He is one of the fans who are persistent just to see their idols.

But faith is good on Terry. He audition on a dance contest in the Internet and he got in. And that is where it all started on his career. Big opportunities came in like he danced as back up dancers with the famous Vaness Wu of the F4 band and Rain of the Korean novel titled Full House.

For six years, Terry danced his way to success. Now at late 30, his dream had a sudden shift. For him, his dancing experience is enough. He now wanted to become a flight attendant that is why he is studying English in AUF.

For him, dancing is just a stone throw away. He can always come back to it because it is something innate. But now, he is trying his very best to make another dream come true. And that is to become a flight attendant.

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