Thursday, September 29, 2005

Man of La Mancha -- The Preview

Who can write something about the first play ever staged of the Angeles University Foundation Center for Culture and the Arts Repertory but someone who is a part of the play itself? This article would not only be about the play as how the audience percieved it but as a whole from the rehearsals to the big night itself.

I may not be a part of the artistic staff but I am there to witness the commitment, the dedication and the hardwork of all the people involved to produce such an ambitous play. (I described it ambitous because as i have stated earlier, it is the first play ever staged of the fresh group of AUF and I think it is a "bigating" piece for amateur performers.)

Being a performer myself, I know what it should take to be a part of the AUF Repertory. Even from the very beginning, the famous director and actor, Tony Mabesa, wanted commitment and dedication once a person joins in the group. In fairness to Mabesa, though he is very ambitous about the chosen piece and demanding to all the peole involved, he has taught all of us to become professional artists.

As part of the Performing Arts, Mabesa wanted the dance troupe to be part of the play. He assigned us to be the crew of the play. As how Mabesa put it, we are the "unsung heroes" of the play. He said that we have a big contribution to the play as set changers and as assistants of the artists at the backstage.

It is a big turn of event for me since I have been an artist, as a dancer, for four years now. At this time, I may not be performing as one of the cast of the play but i do believe that I have contributed a lot from the play. And as a Mass Communaction student,I have learned a lot from the Mabesa about theater, from artistic directing to the technicals. I may say that it is a privilage and a great honor to be working with the legendary Tony Mabesa.

Regarding the preview of the play, i may not seen it as an audience but i have seen it so many times. I have seen the play at its best and its worst.

I can say that the preview of Man of La Mancha last September 27 was not yet the best that the performers could give. Since it rained so hard on that night, the voice of the performers were drowned by the sound of the rain pouring on the roof of the auditorium. There were also some lines mixed up and some forgotten. There was also the part of the leading lady, "Aldonza," wherein she lost her voice when she was siniging her song "Dulcinea."

At the end of the play, we have our regular company call wherein notes where jot down to know what are amiss from the play. According to Mabesa that is the purpose of having previews, to know how the audience will take in the play and know the artistic and technical problems that had happened so it would be given attention so that the play would be better the next time we
stage it.

I think the performers could still give more to justify their roles and satisfy the audience who paid P150 for the tickets. In fairness again to AUF Repertory, the tickets are already sold out.

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