Monday, March 31, 2008

Quickie! :p

A very quick thought!

I'm here in the hospital right now where my ate ritz works. I didnt go to work today (YES! :p) but i had to have my urine and stool test. :p (eew! i know. :p) but it's done now! :) we're just here hanging out in my at'e office doing.. uhmm.. well.. nothing really.. just surfing the net, uploading my sites and eventually writing this post. :)

So that's it. :) i just wanna share this day. :) im happy i get to have my check up now and learned that i'm healthy as a cow! :p (besides my swelling right hands which is still numb 'til now. hehehe)

GTG! :) ciao!

Shine on,
Rain :)