Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Our Baby Yuki >.<

Name: Yuki Cervantes-Choa
Breed: Lhasa Apso
Sex: Male
Color: Tri-color (Black, Brown and White)
Interests: Playing fetch, going for a walk, humping his stufftoy car, putting his head out of the window of a moving vehicle.

Oftentimes, I forget that my Yuki is a dog. Maybe because he doesnt act like a dog but more of a cute little baby boy. There are so many instances which made me say this.

First, Yuki often wants to ba carried and cuddled and he knows how to hug (literally). Every morning when we go down from the bedroom, Yuki's already by the steps enthusiastically waitng for us for his morning cuddle. And every night when I go home from work, he's already by the door waiting for me for my welcome home cuddle. When he gets really excited, he hops around and even stands up! :)

Yuki was not trained professionally but instead learned on his own. I dont know how but he just did. Like when eating, Yuki does not eat food that falls from your plate or something. Once it's on the floor, he wont eat it unlike other dogs do. He'll only eat once he knows the food is for him. And he likes it more when I'm the one preparing his food. :)

After eating and drinking, Yuki knows how to clean himself up by wiping his face on his towel. :)

For some appaarent reason, Yuki has weird fascination with sockets. :P So I make sure there are no sockets dangling for him to reach and paly with and eventually tear it off its cord. Recently, Yuki tear off the socket of our flat iron. When i saw it, i was shocked and was about to give Yuki a scolding but when i saw him being so cute i forgot about the socket. But i made sure to tell CJ so she'll be the one to deal with Yuki. (CJ is more stern to Yuki than me :) hehe) When she got home and saw the socket, she showed Yuki the socket and asked him what happened. Know what Yuki did? Yuki, looking guilty, came up slowly to CJ and gave him a hug! >.<

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