Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Experienced Macau

Got down the plane and was surprised how cold it was in Macau! To think Mom unpacked my sweaters, boots and neck warmer! O.O Waaaaah! The warmest I'm bring was my knee high socks. Now what good did it do, right? So I've no choice but to buy a coat. It's kinda cool but I still wich I brought my boots with me. They would really, really fit there. Experiencing Macau in winter is very cool. :)

What else is cool? My companion, Clarissa, and I found our way to Macau for ourselves. We were able to go to Fisherman's Wharf, A Ma Temple, Lighthouse, Senada Square and the breathtaking Ruins of St. Paul. It was a very adventurous trip, if I may say so myself.

What more can I can say about my trip in Macau? It's morelike a Las Vegas but Asia version. It's more on adult entertainment especially the Casinos. Almost all hotels has Casinos in it. It's a place wherein you'll really spend, as in spend your money. But I loved Senada Square. :) It felt like small Italy or Spain with the narrow and tiled roads. There are also a lot of stores that you can find here. I was fascinated with the bakeries and other food shops coz eveyr item they sell has free taste. Cla and I were so full we didnt had lunch anymore. :D

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