Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Hongkong Invasion

Such a beautiful place with a lot (i mean a lot) of stuff to see and do. A place you'l go back again and again to experience everything. It's such an adventure to discover Hongkong on your own unlike on a package tour. Fortunately, my cousin Jovy Lagman-Monasterio is a resident in Honkgong coz she's with Cathay Pacifi Airlines for quite sometime now. She and a roomate lives in Regal Airport Hotel for I think about 3 years now. Me and my companion, Clarissa, crashed her place for two nights since she has a flight to San Francisco the same day. She is such a sweetheart coz even my sisters who went to Hongkong stayed at her place and she's very kind and accomodating to share us her home. BTW, have I mention taht she's also my godmother? :) My favorite ninang to boot :D When I was very young I remember staying with her for a while (i dont remembr the reason) I knew about Disney princesses through her so when i was a kid I really thought she was one of the Disney Princesses. She will pass for one coz she has long black hair, tall and very very pretty. :) That's my ninang!

Feelinf more lucky in Hongkong, Cla and I were able to get in Disneyland for free! This time my thanks is to my siter Ranie whose BF Mon has a brother whose wife's father is a head chef at Disneyland Hotel. Confusing? O.o o well.. Thanks so much to Kuya Jay and Ate JEnny and her father Sam Ho for tission in Hongkong Disneyland. :) They are such a sweetheart.. A very cute couple if I may say so muself.. :) They tease each other as if they're not married yet. They even treated us to dinner at Heaven on Earth Chinese Reatsuarant in Central. The best chinese resto and ambiance I've ever been to! :) Thank you so much again Tito Sam, Ate Jenny and Kuya Jay! I will see you soon. :)

Speaking of Central, I was in awe more in Central than in Macau. It's like New York but cleaner (as if I've been to NY) But anyway, I really liked Central. I felt that I belong. You can find LV, Gucci, H7M and other brands and still have those 168 type of shops. :)

I also enjoyed th ecold weather (its still winter when we came to Macau-HK) I may not be prepared with the clothes Im bringing but I m glad I experienced these countries on winter since I came from the Philippines. :)

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