Saturday, November 24, 2012

Opportunity to travel key cities of the Philippines

For the past two years, i am fortunate enough to travel to key cities of the Philippines from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao as part of my job with SM. i have witnessed cultures of the different provinces and regions, smelled and tasted their culinary history, and felt the warm welcome of each places we've been to.

This is all-thanks to my great boss who trusted and appointed me as project coordinator for the Brillante Mendoza Film Festival. I cannot express my gratitude more for the opportunity she has given me.

Now that we are almost approaching the year-end, I would like to dedicate this entry for my boss for the wonderful experience and great chance for letting me go out of my vomfort zone and see the beauty of our country.

I have learned a lot from the project over the two years. The project may continue (or not) i am already privileged enough to have been a part of her team and the worthwhile advocacy that we fully supported all-through-out.

What's more, the priceless bonding I had with mu co-PRs is something that I will cherish forever.

A lot has changed with Blogger

I am guilty of neglecting my blog for the year 2012. A lot has changed since i last accessed my blog and I am a little rusty on how to go around editing and stuff. I believe adsense will discontinue? Hmmm i have to do something about that. Though i did recieved google's letter.

Friday, November 23, 2012

My 'other' best friend...

Last February 14, 2012, Valentine gave me more love than I expected. This was the day my baby and best friend, Friday, was born.

Friday is a lhasa apso. She was given to me by my partner Ceejay as a gift. She is Yuki's biological sister which made it even special. Ceejay and I love Yuki so much and are very happy that Friday came into our life.

Mommy and my sisters also adore her. She has antics that make us laugh so hard. she's a classic. She's our only pet that can stay inside the house and sleeps with me on my bed. My baby sister Bik-Bik loves her so much too. She never fails to cuddle and play with her everyday.

Friday has grown so fast. She's already 9 months old and am proud to say a very healthy dog. She's the first thing i see every morning and patiently waits for me from work at night. Her loyalty and love is unconditional and it never tires. <3 p="p">

CROCS Supersale! November 23-25

TODAY IS THE DAY! The long-awaited CROCS Supersale The Provincial Tour is here,from Nov. 23-25 (Fri-Sat-Sun). Come NOW at The Tradehall of SM CITY PAMPANGA (near Racks/Fortune Tea House),fr0m 10am-8pm and get as much as 70% on your favorite footwear. See you there! — atSM City Pampanga.