Friday, November 23, 2012

My 'other' best friend...

Last February 14, 2012, Valentine gave me more love than I expected. This was the day my baby and best friend, Friday, was born.

Friday is a lhasa apso. She was given to me by my partner Ceejay as a gift. She is Yuki's biological sister which made it even special. Ceejay and I love Yuki so much and are very happy that Friday came into our life.

Mommy and my sisters also adore her. She has antics that make us laugh so hard. she's a classic. She's our only pet that can stay inside the house and sleeps with me on my bed. My baby sister Bik-Bik loves her so much too. She never fails to cuddle and play with her everyday.

Friday has grown so fast. She's already 9 months old and am proud to say a very healthy dog. She's the first thing i see every morning and patiently waits for me from work at night. Her loyalty and love is unconditional and it never tires. <3 p="p">

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