Thursday, June 03, 2010

New Old Career

It's my 2nd week in my new work here in Pampanga. So far so good. I get to do media relations stuff again. Still learning the ropes and feeling lost most of the times but that's normal (I think).

The consolation of my work now as a PRO is that the media people here in Pampanga are all very kind and accomodating. I became good friends with all of them in an instant. Not that I have no media friends nationally, I have -- a lot. It's just that so many PR agencies and corporations in the metro that the media cannot accomodate all of us in their paper as much as they would want to or even come to all the events they're invited in. (If you could just imagine how many press releases and events they get in a day >.<>

On both accounts, It's nice to start my day seeing the newspaper with our event in full-color and most of the time even in front page. :) It makes me look forward to more events (yeah i know, the preparation period takes longer than the event perse) and seeing my media friends again takling about anything and everything.