Thursday, July 08, 2010


Books to give you hope, deepen your faith, nourish your spirit... Now within your reach at a convenient spot in Pampanga.

In need of inspiration, instruction, insight? You may find these on family, friends and in books. Yes – books. Many good books are available at OMF Lit, a specialty shop newly opened at SM City Pampanga.

OMF Lit promotes spritual growth primarily among Filipino, living in the Philippines and in abroad, through the effective and righteous management of a publishing business. Some of the must read Best-sellers are: Stories for the Extreme Teen's Heart, I Kisseed Dating Goodbye, Saving My First Kiss, Boy Meets Girl, This is My Story and The Way of the Shepherd.

Also, stylish teens can create their own fashion statements with their own stylish covered design Bibles.
What’s more, R.O.B Us! (Raid Our Bookshop: the Ultimate Sale!) is happening from June 4 to 26 to all OMF Lit Bookshops nationwide. Booklovers enjoy 20% savings on all OMF Lit local and imported titles. Plus, to extend your savings, grab a discount flyer at the Bookshop and get 20% off until August 15, 2010.

OMF Lit Bookshop is now open at the Ground Floor Main Building (near Supermarket) SM City Pampanga.

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