Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Role of Women in the Military

The Senior Colloquium last August 16, 2005 held at PS 207 was about the Role of Women in the military. The guest they have invited is a female military officer, Captain Ma. Rita Fabian.

What I know about her is, she got a degree in Nursing even before she entered the military. Amazing right? I wonder were she got the patience to study again. What made her changed her mind? She followed what her heart desired.

Not only is Mrs. Rita smart but she’s also courageous. Why? Because she is one of the not so many women in the Philippines who can and has license to fly air crafts. Cool huh?! She is one certified “astig” woman.

You might be wondering why I praise her so much. (It’s not because I’m a feminist, pero kasama na yun don. Hehehe!!) Seriously, I am just simply amazed by her. Whoever would not be impressed to a woman who is responsible for dropping a bomb to Abu Sayyafs, who is considered as the state enemy of our country. Obviously, that is a very big responsibility. And just imagine, it was given to a woman!

Other than being part of the military, Mrs. Fabian has also managed to balance her time with her family. I remember asking her what about her time with her family and how she goes along with her husband since her work is obviously, manly. Her answer obviously appalled us. We didn’t know that her husband also works in the military and also has a high position there just like her.

Regarding her time with her family, I cannot say anything more but she’s a wonder woman. Now that’s a good example of an “ulirang ina.”
She also said that if ever her children want to be like her, she’ll let them what they want to be.

As the discussion goes along, I have realized that stereotyping and discrimination is no longer alive in the Philippine military. The women have contributed as much as the men did and sometimes even more.

Still, the men have never forgotten to respect them as women.

She also said that it is more of an advantage that there are women in the military than a disadvantage. It had made the military more homey, comfortable and approachable.

Mrs. Fabian’s advice to us was to never let the men intimidate us. We women must know and learn how to fight but fairly. But that does not mean we should down the men. We could always work together to live a much better and peaceful lives.

The seminar was organized by my classmates namely Aileen Maniti, Catherine Cabayao and Nolalyn Lopez.

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