Wednesday, April 09, 2008


It's funny when you thought that everything's doing great with you and your special someone, when suddenly, you found yourself running upstairs in your room alone while she stays downstairs. Wishing that she'll come up in your room and console you, cuddle you up and say sweet nothings to make everything ok again. But no. Instead, she left the house without even saying she's going. It's a very infuriating feeling. But she does it to me everytime we fight and she's very good at it. As expected, after the "walk out" during the following days, she wont call or even txt me to make amends or to check on me. I really raeally hate this attitude of hers and she knows it. She knows that pisses me off my socket.

Not having spoken for two days now, i've lost hope she'll ever contact me again. I doubt if she'll see me again. Great. Just great.

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