Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What's mine is also my sister's.

(Cervantes Sisters. from left to right: Rebecca, Rain (me), Roselle, Rina and Ranie)

Which amongst your family and friends would you love the share the gift of Belle and why?

No material or monetary things will come between me and my beloved sisters. What's mine is there's too (and vice versa) even the most important thing you can ever think of (boyfriends not inculded--that is if you consider them as "things"--and besides it's against Feminisim and Sisterhood and over-all it's "yucky"=p) and that includes the Belle de Jour Power Planner.
I will definitely share the gift of Belle with my sisters. (I have four of them) I am very close to all of them and i adore them sooo much. We are so different and a like at the same time (you know what i mean?) but when it comes to fashion, health and anything to do with girl bonding, we are always up to it. With Belle de Jour Power Planner, having to share notes, making "kulit" to exchange coupons and all that jazz, i know that my bond with my sisters will surely get stronger it's going to be a crazy 2009. =)

(This was taken on our recent Halloween party . From left to right: Rina (as a zombie nurse -- well she IS a registered nurse), Rain (me as a sexy fairy), Rebecca (as a big white lady =p), Ranie (as Princess Fiona who recently has found her Shrek =p) and Roselle (as a pretty lil' pussycat).

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